Zero procent pool supporting decentralisation and community.

Secure, reliable, low latency with powerful hardware.

Based in Sweden.




About us:

Nordic Pool is governed by a, since 2016, full-time crypto investor accompanied with an experienced software engineer. Both crypto enthusiasts, we are more interested in the decentralized vision of Cardano, than reaping huge profits. To support decentralization without compromising performance we are running our servers in Sweden and Finland (outside of server cluster), countries with internet infrastructure among the worlds best. This gives our servers very low latency, optimizing block propagation to the majority of Cardano network.

About Nordic Pool:

Our pool has been running since the first main-net epoch (209) and we are definitely here to stay for the long haul. About the 0% fee, this is our reasoning; a competitive margin fee (1-5%) does not give any significant profits to us pool operators in a small pool like ours (< 50M). Instead, we want to give our early bird delegators highest possible return keeping our margin fee at 0%. If we reach 50M stake we’ll discuss a fee of around 2%. All expenditures are covered from fixed fee and pledge interest.

About Hardware:

Powerful hardware is prioritized higher than low costs. Cheap hardware resulting in missed blocks will cost more for everyone involved. Key features are fast memories, solid state drives, fiberoptic internet and dedicated firewalls. Servers are running both locally and in the cloud, combining the best of two worlds. Relay located in Netherlands is backup ready to step in if needed and will usually be offline. All sensitive keys stored and handled on a dedicated offline computer, to ensure complete safety of the pool.

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